Published by Netcore Solutions on September 6, 2019

Netcore incubated startup Scoop launches Conversation Analytics for Sales

Markets are conversations. This line from the book The Cluetrain Manifesto beautifully explains the concept of Markets as well as the power of Conversations.

For a business, every customer conversation is important. It is an opportunity to understand the customer in order to serve her needs better. This becomes even more critical when dealing with a prospect. Afterall, Communication is at the core of Sales and Marketing.

While a lot of deserved attention is paid to Brand Communications, digital businesses are only warming up to the need for an integrated conversation strategy.

Customer conversations are an opportunity to know your customers, understand their needs, devise a solution and convince them about your offer. Every day, Marketing and Sales professionals are having these conversations which are now digital in nature.


Digital Marketing teams use Chatbots, Live Chat and Contact Centres to generate Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs). Digital Sales teams use multiple channels like Email, Voice and Video calls to close a deal. Conversations happening across these text, voice and video based channels are logged and stored digitally.

But for Sales leaders and managers these digital conversations are not easily accessible for analysis. CRM brings to light the facts of what is happening, but the understanding of why things are transpiring the way they are is lacking.

Conversation Intelligence is the key to unlock the power of customer conversations.


Introducing Scoop, the AI-powered Conversation Analytics tool for Sales. Scoop uses ML to uncover the critical elements of winning sales calls.

Scoop’s powerful conversation analytics can be used for Sales Conversion Optimisation. It can help in identifying and prioritising opportunities by picking up intent clues from customer conversations. It also helps develop a personalized rep coaching plan by analyzing rep-customer interactions and identifying areas of improvement. Sales leaders can use it to get a feel of the market by mining customer conversations for signals on competitors, products and pricing.

Without Conversation Analytics, the tools and storehouse of conversations are black boxes. CRM tells only half of the story. Conversation Intelligence is the next big leap in Sales-tech after CRM.

Talk to us to understand how Scoop can help your Inside Sales team to win more deals and maximize conversions.