Published by netCORE Marketing Team on May 16, 2011

Inbox Delivery – Is that all in Email Marketing?

These days with the increasing use of Email marketing as a medium of communication for corporates, there is one word which is hampering its productivity: that is SPAM.

Solving the spam issue has become the 1st priority for any email marketer, whereas there are so many other aspects like the email content, reports and customer behavior analysis which majorly contribute in making your campaigns more effective and improving the ROI.

A company indulges in heavy promotion through various other forms of media like television, newspapers and there is spam happening is such cases as well. Let’s see how we can define spam in such cases.

When we as a user are watching television, we tend to switch channels and avoid advertisements and similar is the case for newspapers. Isn’t this similar to spam?? Your message has not been communicated to the target audience.
What do we do in such a case?
A company would normally try to make the advertisement more interesting and include more creative aspects to improve customer engagement.
Why can’t the same be done for an Email, is the question to be answered and that’s exactly where the solution lies.

There are certain things we can look into to improve customer engagement.

– Catchy subject line to tempt the reader to open the email. (Give the reader an idea on how opening the reader is going to benefit him)
– Proper Call to action in the Content.
– Give the reader a reason to click on your email. (Click here to get 50% off or get a gift)
– Social Media links.
– GIF images which would attract reader attention.
– Customer Feedback campaigns.
– Refer a friend campaigns. (Giving some added discounts for referring a friend)

Simple Calculation – Comparatively speaking majority of our mails land in Inbox, now doesn’t it sound more valid to concentrate on the mails landing in Inbox rather than the ones where there are some delivery issues. Surely there can be effort made to improve on the Inbox delivery, but an email marketer shouldn’t walk with the belief that if he resolves the spam issue he is going to have the most effective campaign.

So, folks let’s concentrate on the mails landing in Inbox and see how we can create a better impact on the readers by better content, eventually by treading  on Best Practices and with proper guidance from ESPs Inbox deliveries can be enhanced and spam can be controlled.

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