Published by Netcore Solutions on January 19, 2016

Humanizing: Email…Click & You get a Call – Wow…! (Part 1)

I am sure you all have heard of research reports which say – Every $ spent on an email gives you $41 in return…

With our recent innovation with Reliance Life, we not only proved that but further excelled it by 3 times by opening a cross channel medium for customers to connect back to the brand…! We simply gave it a Human touch.

Human touch…Opened a Two way channel…that sounds interesting isn’t it?

Check out this 2 min video to see how you can add a human element to your email campaigns and maximize conversions by multiple folds.

Enabling human-to-human connections in the digital world is the next big step. This cuts through all the apprehensions your prospects have just before buying and helps them to make an immediate decision.

In my next segment I will talk more on how brands from different sectors can make the most of this technological cross channel innovation.

Note – The user gets a call even if the email click is on the desktop.