Published by Siddhesh Rane on October 4, 2016

How to Retain & Win Back Unsubscribes to your list? (Part II)

1. Adding Dynamic Retargeting / Remarketing tags to your Un-Subscribe Page:

If you are using Google Ads, which majority of the people use, you can check this link on how to add a Remarketing tag –

Similarly, nowadays there are multiple tools that allow you to place a retargeting cookie or script on any HTML page. This allows chasing the user who has visited the page and try to get him back in your sales funnel. In our case, it will be the unsubscribe page.
As this is the last time he might visit the page, the Ads you will create should be strategic. Now, first thing if you want to strategically use the remarketing tag, you should be sure why the user is leaving you, so you might want to use dynamic remarketing tags.


Now, based on the inputs you can work out an Ad that can help the user get back to you again, or fill up that Subscription form. Remarketing usually works great, but the above example just enhances the performance and ROI of this remarketing campaign, especially as you have dynamic Ads running through according to the option he/she selects, hence getting the user back to you.

2. Using Facebook Custom Audience & Google Match to Re-Target and Resubscribe users back to the lists.

This is something interesting and very few retarget their unsubscribed users once the users have opted out of your campaigns.

How does this work?


This not only helps you to figure out how many users are active on social media but can also help you understand how many users from your blacklisted email ids are actually active. Eventually, this one is a longer root, but you still benefit as you can end up creating a community over social media based on these Ads and later run contests on the same users and re-acquire them.

That’s it, Folks! Drop in your comments below if you found it useful or you have more to add.

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