Published by Netcore Solutions on June 28, 2013

Gmail’s latest avatar – Innovation at its best

The new Gmail inbox has been the buzz in the market from the time they have officially posted about it. The entire email fraternity is eager and excited to know its impact on the email marketing industry.

The new Gmail Inbox gets us 4 new different tabs:

1) Primary Tab: Personal Emails.
2) Updates: Notifications, Transaction emails etc.
3) Promotion: Promotional emails.
4) Social: Social Updates.

Refer Google Official Blog for more details.

netCORE takes this as a positive step by Gmail to make life easier for users. Gmail now predefines priorities of a user, giving highest importance to personal emails and separating out the other communications.

From a brand prospective, this now completely depends on the user behaviour. On a positive side these brands would now only have to compete with other promotional emails. It undoubtedly is a boon for marketers who follow right communication strategies*. This new innovation from Gmail also compels the brands with unplanned strategies to start moving towards more strategic communications.

The best part here is; now whenever a user comes to the “Promotions” tab he would come with intent of buying. Thus it now becomes important for brands to engage with their subscribers and the following factors would play a crucial role to get you a sale:

  • Brand Loyalty + Positioning (Trust the brand carries in the market)
  • Product Offering & Discount
  • Positive word of mouth

The brands carrying the right combination of points stated above are sure to crack the deal every time the user ends up at the promotions tab.

Right & Strategic Communications:

  • Controlled frequency of campaigns
  • Targeted and Relevant campaigns based on user preferences and activities
  • Informational and interesting content (Newsletters + Voting)
  • Engagement campaigns (Contests, Reply based campaigns, Social Media Contests)