Published by netCORE Marketing Team on May 30, 2011

Gandhi sends email:

Must be wondering which Gandhi we are talking about. A name which is praised as Father of the Indian nation, when did he send an email??

Well Mahatma Gandhi once said Be the change you want to see in the world and the quote is universally applicable every where, also in Email Marketing Arena.

I was speaking to a marketer the other day and he said I wish to send email to everyone in this world, I asked him how many prmotional emails do you receive every day

He said 15- 20 emails a day and mostly are opt-in.

I asked him what if every one in the world wants to send email to you??

Stunned marketer said thats like 130 cr email in one day in my mail box, he said thats like a 3rd world war to me, I said indeed so you can’t send email to every one in the World.


If you really were thinking of spamming or sending unsolicited emails, drop that idea right away. Its not useful and will take you to the magnetic world of phishing and spamming. Email Marketers themselves receives hundreds of spam emails every day still they would like to send 100 more on their own. Treat every inbox like your own, treat every one’s time preacious like your own and treat everyone’s email address as important as yours one.

The three important things which I’m trying to potray here is

  1. Inbox should not be made cluttered with insignificant emails
  2. If you can’t manage to read all your emails how can someone else do it
  3. Every email id should have given permission to send email

Gandhiji’s words have made the nation free but our thoughts are still abandoned. An email marketer should help clean the world from spam and not promote it, Everyone has a Ram inside them, so why not bring it up.

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