Published by netCORE Marketing Team on March 28, 2011

The Flipside-Info sharing is fatal or life saver?

As the title suggests, today we are going to publish our views and opinions that tend to challenge the conventional; i.e. the myth of hesitation or not sharing one’s digital identity (email addresses, mobile numbers, etc) at various points of sale.

Most of you must be wondering why we are suggesting something that is been frequently avoided by people. After all no-one wants to be get bombarded with unsolicited emails and phone calls only because they provided their contact details at a feedback form in some restaurant, or a theater, or mall etc. But during all of this, what we generally don’t consider is that by not providing our contact details, we might miss out on getting certain alerts or information that could be of fatal importance.

And hence, based on some real-life incidents, we are attempting to emphasize that sharing your contact information at such places is not always that bad. So go ahead and make yourself contactable! Please note that the names used in the below cases are changed due to privacy reasons, and that these are derived from the experience of real people.

Case 1 – Sharing contact detail can save someone’s life: – A person named Kishore is buying life-saving drugs at a medical store, as one of his colleagues Akash has just met with an accident. While the shopkeeper is getting medicines, the store owner requests Kishore to fill up his mobile number and email address at a slip that pharmacy uses to build their customer base; which in that situation annoys Kishore. But after a 2nd thought, he decides to put down the information on that slip.

Just as Kishore is driving his car outside of the parking lot, he gets a call from the store owner informing him that he forgot to pick one of the small medicine packets containing some life-saving drugs. He immediately collects the packet that contains injections, and while driving towards the Hospital, he thinks that there would have been no other way in which he could have been contacted and that enabled him to reach with the required medicines at hospital on time.

Case 2 – Sharing contact details can save someone from cyber crimes: – Vishal recently went out at a popular pub with some of his clients. They all had quite a merry time and while paying the bill on his table, he stumbled on the feedback-form of the pub. After hesitating initially, he still decides to fill up the same and provide his contact information. Later the same night, someone tries to call him on his cell but gets no response as Vishal has already slept.

The next morning Vishal sees the missed calls and an email notification on his mobile phone screen. He first checks the missed calls and wonder why someone might have tried calling him in wee hours. Seeing unknown numbers, he then checks his email and notices that he has an email from the pub where he had been last night informing him that he forgot to pick up his debit card last night after paying the bill. He is astonished as to how could possibly the pub authorities would have contacted him if he hadn’t filled out that feedback form. He checks those numbers and as you all would guess, they were of the same pub!

So you see the flipside now… don’t you? 

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