Published by Ritu Poddar on February 19, 2018

Five Kickass Ways E-commerce Should Use BPNs

Do great things! When you’re into the highly competitive world of e-commerce, you must do great things just to survive. Let’s give you not one, not two, but FIVE great things you can do with Browser Push Notifications to ensure customer satisfaction.

5 Awesome ways you can up your e-commerce game with BPNs

  • Target Cart Abandoners
  • Target based on product search
  • Target based on location
  • Target based on browsing history
  • BPNs as FYI for customer relations

Email Subject Line: 5 totally cool ways of using BPNs for ecommerce

Maybe you already know that Browser Push Notifications or BPNs as they are commonly known, are a great channel to target the consumer even when they are away from your website or app. Browser user base is a lot wider than the usual website and apps and therefore, they give you a wider reach. This is why a lot of marketers love BPNs. But, what makes BPNs irresistible, particularly to the ecommerce marketer is: BPNs allow you to retarget the consumer with precision because they also have another superpower – personalisation.

Let’s cut the long story short and directly show you five easy ways you can use BPNs to personalise your reach once you have the consumers’ attributes (name, location, contact), web activity history (browsing behaviour relating to product category, price, search, etc.) and such. Data analytics tools will turn this data into consumable form.

Use this data to effectively segment your consumer, and target them in the following five kickass ways:

  • Target Cart Abandoners: As an e-commerce marketer, do you agree cart abandonment is your biggest pain point? For almost 65% of e-commerce retailers, nearly 80% of users leave the website without checking out. If you chase them via email, you have to wait for the user to open it; if a web message, you have to wait for the user to return to your website. With a BPN though, you can sent out a tailor-made one to gain instant attention.
    Target Cart Abandoners
  • Find out what they’re looking for: Based on the browsing history, send out relevant product recommendations with deals and offers, instead of generic common-for-all notifications.
    Find out what they're looking for
  • Location is everything: You can map your user’s search according to the location and send relevant offers: this increases the likelihood of the user taking that offer and landing up at your location/store to avail of the offer.
    Location is everything
  • Sometimes it’s just about that extra push: Let’s say a user has been browsing new gaming consoles on your website, which means they’re looking for a particular product. What if you could nudge him into checking out your latest offer? Send a BPN that talks about that particular console and there you have increased the chances of conversion, don’t you think?
    Sometimes it's just about that extra push
  • Keep them informed about their transactions: Keep your users up-to-date with their transactional information through personalised BPNs. This is known to help improve customer relations. For instance, the example here:
    Keep them informed about their transactions

Finally, rest assured it is not at all difficult to use BPNs for such personalised communication – you need to have ‘Smart Conversations’ with your consumer. Netcore Smartech will help you do this in the easiest way possible. Get in touch with our experts today!

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