Published by netCORE Marketing Team on August 29, 2011

Experience @ 3rd Email Marketing Round Table

Friday evening would be an experience for a digital consultant was not my expectation when I attended 3rd email marketing round table in Bangalore on 19th Aug,2011.

netCORE and IAMAI Partnered to come up with series of Email marketing Round table to bring in new thoughts and live cases of companies using email marketing as their marketing weapon. I really liked the content covered and new ideas shared.

3 Most important points I learnt this Friday were:

1- We see the world the way we are not the way it should be:

One of the Panel members of the Round table discussed his experience of his child receiving promotional email and feeling privileged about it, rather than getting irritated. Feeling young at heart will make you young rather than age said by another Panelist to the question of only youth being present on Social Media.

Multi–channel strategy which Indian companies are adopting specially e-commerce portals was another key thoughts of the eve. How subscribers are being updates about offers on email + sms to make it effective and increase ROIs to certain percentage. It was obvious to see the mature marketers talking about complementing ideas with each platform.

It was interesting to see various new perceptions with live scenarios making a difference in the space where everyone has no fact and data as Indian email marketing is still at nascent stage.


2-Did Indian email marketing really grow from batch & blast to Opt-in

Lot of ESPs and grown up marketer says that Indian email marketing industry has gone mature from Batch & Blast to Opt-in and moving slowly towards Profiled and segmented email targeting. Again a new perception came into picture when the Panel discussion said that we still do Batch & Blast its just that we have divided the batches into small segments and will call it refine batch & Blast rather than Opt-in or Profiled targeting. Till the time the ROIs are growing with such adjustments evolution of hygienic email marketing will be questionable.


3- Points we should Brain storm at?

One point which round table didn’t speak much about was how to Increase the Opt-in subscribers?

What is the future of Email marketing Industry in India?

How can we understand our subscriber more effectively and send content which they like?

Well I’m sure we have lot to talk and discuss so why don’t you write us back and let us know what are your thoughts on the above questions.

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