Published by Netcore Solutions on June 21, 2010

Evolution of Mobile Generation!

Winston Churchill once said : He has all the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire€

Petty fights in families for proving superiority is common whether its Ekta kapoors daily soaps, Prakash Jha’s RAAJNEETI, or Ambani brothers.

Here are the 3 generations from the family of Wireless Cellphone Technology, boasting and making fun of each other.

1G says- I was the one who introduced the concept of cellular. I made large scale mobile wireless communication possible. I am the Mangal Pandey of mobile revolution.

2Gsays- My dear 1G  You are A modest little person, with much to be modest about. I was the one who replaced the analogy technology to Digital Communication and improved the quality of wireless communication.

3G says- more modestly, well! Families are like fudge . . . mostly sweet, with a few nuts like these two. I am the new face of India and the latest revolution. I bring the converged network for voice and data communication.


Some basic brilliance below:

What are these generations?

Well these generations are evolutions in Mobile wireless technologies raising the standards with each generation climbing.


1G- 1G signifies first-generation wireless analog technology standards that originated in the 1980s. Here Mobile systems were designed to offer a single service.

2G- 2G signifies second-generation wireless digital technology launched in early 1990s. Here Mobile system were designed primarily to offer speech with a limited capability to offer data at low rates.

3G- Every one of us is aware of 3G buzz. 16,828 crore bidding was another attraction in the headline few days back.


World wide known as International Mobile telecommunications 2000 (IMT2000) 3G technologies enabled faster data-transmission speeds, greater network capacity and more advanced network services. Now Mobile TV, Video conferrencing, Video on demand, Location based services will be possible.

The first pre-commercial 3G network launched in May 2001 by NTT DoCoMo in Japan. In india it is launched in 2010  for 22 circles.