Published by Sita Kalluri on March 23, 2016

Latest in EMM – Top Performing Links and Tagwise Segmentation

We add new features to EMM frequently so our tool can enhance your email marketing experience and efficiently help you track and optimize email campaigns. In this blog, we share with you two features that we have recently rolled out in EMM.

Top Performing Links

You email regularly and include a host of links in all your emails. Do you know which links get maximum clicks and subscriber attention? This feature does just that. It gives insights on the top links across all campaigns.

With this latest addition in EMM, you get to know what products your customers are interested in so you can plan better campaigns by choosing the right links (products). You can even download the report which shows you the performance of each of these links (unique clicks, click rate, in how many campaigns this link performed, etc).


Tagwise Segmentation

Tag feature in EMM helps you to effectively manage and organize all your email campaigns. You can group the campaigns and classify them as newsletters, promotional, holiday mailers, etc. The newly introduced Tagwise Segmentation allows you to segment and track email performance (opens, clicks, etc) based on the tags you have created.

Let’s say your boss asks you to pull out a report of all the email openers of your newsletters. Earlier this would have been a tedious process where you had to manually select each of the newsletter campaign one by one. But with the new Tagwise Segmentation feature, all you have to do is segment the campaigns based on the specific tag (in this case Newsletters) and define the activity (email opened). With just a few clicks, you are able to get customized reports and track more efficiently.


Top Performing Links and Tagwise Segmentation features are now available in EMM. In case of any queries, please reach out to us at