Published by netCORE Marketing Team on June 6, 2011

Email Marketing & Social Media – Friends or Foes

Email marketing is one of the fastest growing sectors with regular updates in the market. The recent buzz in the Email marketing industry is Social Media. Email marketers are preferring to use their social media links in the templates improve their presence on the Social network. It is a practice which is extensively been followed by Email marketers.


Almost half the world is actively present on these social networking websites and there could be no other better platform which would provide the companies to freely promote their products and services to such a wide audience.

Inclusion of Social Media links in the Email content has majorly two benefits:

  • Viral Marketing – Brand Awareness to a higher segment.
  • Engagement – Having a Social media link helps improve the engagement level of the audience with your email content, thus helping us improve on the Inbox delivery since majorly ISP’s tend to consider the engagement level as a crucial parameter for Inbox delivery.

Since every coin has two sides – looking at the other side, just a thought which crossed my mind was – Is Social Media cannibalizing the Email marketing industry?


Say 10 years down the line, if I as an Email marketer have my complete subscriber base actively present on Facebook/Twitter, then surely the frequency of mails from my end would go down, since I see that my Facebook postings or tweets on Twitter are driving a higher or equivalent amount of traffic to my website for no cost as compared to Emails where I have to incur additional cost.

Just a thought my friends….

But, I strongly believe that Email marketing is a field which cannot be replaced by any other medium – since there are so many dynamic aspects which no other medium can provide, listing down a few would be:

1)      Subject Line – Initial interaction

2)      Creative Content – To convert the want in a need

3)      Brand awareness – Acting as a constant reminder to the reader

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