Published by Forum Sheth on May 12, 2017

Email – A Mainstay in 2017 and Beyond!

We’re here to say that email is here to stay! To make our case, let’s begin with a few (hopefully) impressive statistics:

• Nearly 2.6 billion people use email worldwide, including both business and consumer users.
– Radicatti Group
• 72% of US online adults send or receive personal emails via smartphone at least once a week.
– Forrester
• 81% of online shoppers are more likely to make additional purchases, either online or in a store, as a result of emails based on previous shopping behaviors and preferences.
– Harris Interactive

As pioneers in the field, we’ve been involved in email solutions for nearly 19 years and we’re here to tell you that email as a channel for customer engagement, has been and will be a mainstay in 2017 and beyond!
Gmail alone has 1 billion users worldwide, and The Radicati Group predicts that there will be 3 billion email users worldwide by 2020.
It’s never been more important for marketers to keep email as a key element of their marketing toolbox! But email as we know it has evolved.
Here’s how you can get the maximum mileage from a channel that remains the most trusted mode of communication by customers:

1. Data, data, data!
Data-driven marketing dictates the kind of emails that marketers can send to customers. Closely observing a customer’s digital can help you analyse customer behavior and craft email communication for the future based on it.
• One-to-one communication
Customers are evolving and so are their expectations. Brands sending hyper-personalised content in emails will experience more open and click-through rates. Customers love to be treated like you know them and understand their needs.
• The right content, in the right format, at the right time

Most 14-year-olds are not going to open an email about a fixed deposit scheme. The email of the future will be perfectly customised to the recipient and will be designed in a manner that is responsive on different devices smart devices. Millennials are estimated to be a brand’s most coveted customer segment thanks to their higher annual purchasing power in the coming years. To create relationships with this demographic in particular, who live in the moment and are easily distracted, brands need to send emails at the right time. This will help improve response rates without losing momentum.

2. Real-time email content
Traditional email is static and unchanging, which can sometimes be confusing for recipients. Consider an e-commerce website that has just announced a flash sale on its website for a particular time. With traditional email, the message will always remain the same no matter what time the consumer opens it. However, with real-time emailing tools, the content changes (the number of hours left for the sale) depending on the time at which the consumers opens the email, which has been shown to drive higher open rates.

3. Automation and email are integrated
How do you send emails with the right content, to the right person, at the right time and on the right device? One word: Automation! Automation has improved email marketing by helping marketers automate their email campaigns, equipping them with real-time insights and saving a massive amount of person hours. With the advent of VigRx Plus features like advanced segmentation and recommendations, marketers can deliver contextual, personalised customer experiences across devices. Automation also integrates other communication channels like SMS, voice, push notifications, mobile apps, and others with email. will indeed help marketers elevate their customer engagement and ROI.

To Sum Up
Through Netcore’s email marketing solutions, our clients have delighted their customers, time and again, with innovative email marketing campaigns. A recent example of the relevancy and power of email is a fun email campaign we did for India’s leading e-wallet company, Mobikwik. The campaign leveraged email to increase Mobikwik’s customer engagement by 266% and won an award at IAMAI’s 7th India Digital Awards as well as ACEF Awards 2017.

Read about our Mobikwik campaign !

Marketers can rest assured that email will continue to remain the mainstay of long-form personalised messaging for brands in the foreseeable future. As long as you keep sending the right ones!

Good luck and happy emailing!

Forum Sheth

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