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No email list means No email marketing! Start making your list now!..

How to make my E-mail list?

Lets start with a story: I recently had dinner at Hot Stuffings. They cook excellent stuffings so i expected dinner to be great. Following dinner I used a comment card provided by restaurant to tell them how much i enjoyed the food. When i returned to my office (netcore solutions) next day i saw an email from the Wholesale Hot NHL Jerseys restaurant waiting for me. The email thanked me for my comments and invited me to contact him in future if i ever needed assistance for getting reservation at any one of their restaurants.
Thus, you see if a chain like that can identify their touch points and finds time to make ongoing connections, every business should find time to do the same.

Connection Points:

We all meet lot of people in our routine. Every time we interact we build connections. There is a difference between connection which are valuable for you and connections which are valuable for your business. What is valuable? If you can answer all the questions “Yes” than its a valuable connections:

1. Is the contact information valid & direct to the decision maker?Don’t collect email addresses such as
2. Is the person you’re collecting the information from interested in what your business offers?Some businesses insists that everyone is a prospect which isn’t true.
3. Is the place where you’re collecting the information conducive to establishing a relationship? Placing an e-mail sign-up list at the counter of all the banks in town will result in more valuable connections for financial planner.

Where do you interact with customers and prospects?

• Retail storefront
• Website
• Local networking events
• Trade shows, conferences, industry events
• Phone
• Email

The first step in collecting or building up your e-mail list is to trace valuable touch points for new customer eg look at the above list. Touch points should always be legal, ethical and in line with consumer preferences.

Internet Sources:

You connect with people on your website’s homepage, but people visit all kinds of online sources including:

• All the pages on your website
• Your blog
• Social networking pages
• Online directory listing
• Natural search listings on search engines
• Websites that offer maps and directions to businesses
• Paid search listings.

These sources might also prompt an inbound phone call, personal visit or an email inquiry, so its important to map out these sources and touch points as well.

Personal Contact sources:

• Inbound phone calls
• Walk ins
• Networking events
• Trade shows
• Speaking engagements
• Social events

Referral Sources:

• Current customers
• Family & friends
• The media
• Colleagues
• Business partners
• Suppliers or account reps.

Tactics to maximize email address collection

1.) Leave sign up link on every page of your website. Add a compelling message of value of subscribing your list.

2.) Since you are not involve in sign-up process so need to make it more personal form of communication.

3.) One way is also to provide link to an archive of past e-mail campaigns.

4.) Testimonials can be used to demonstrate to show value of your e-mail list.

5.) All E-mails you send everyday represents a touch point. Capitalize on your e-mail conversation.

6.) During the course of responding an inquiry Mitchel & Ness Broncos #30 Terrell Davis Blue With 2010 Super Bowl Patch Stitched Throwback NFL Jersey ask your client if he is interested in joining the e-mail list to receive info on related topics.

7.) Networking events are great places to interact. Once you SWAP a business card at these places take few seconds to write down whether he is interested in receiving your marketing mails or what they are interested in.

8.) Walk-in shows that individual has already taken great step towards your organization now its upon you how to engage the communication into right directions.

9.) Last but not the least traditional marketing tools are great way of highlighting the value and importance of your list. Using Print Advertising, television ads, radio ads or outdoor advertising to highlight your organizations and its vision.

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