Published by Sita Kalluri on April 30, 2015


Attracting new customers is only part of the game; the bigger part is to make them keep coming back over and over again. As marketers we have used many tactics to nurture and inspire loyalty in customers for our brand. But one lesser used but highly successful way to improve loyalty is anniversary emails.

Anniversary emails trigger an instant emotional connect with the brand and get more responses and revenues. But brands have been slow to realize the potential these emails have to deepen customer relationships. According to our estimates, less than 5% brands are currently sending anniversary emails.

You could get totally innovative with these anniversary emails. Some anniversary emails that brands internationally send are first order anniversary, customer anniversary with the brand, sign up anniversary, 6 month anniversary and so on. These emails are the perfect way to show your customer how valuable they are to you and also encourage repeat sales.

Some of our clients designed anniversary emails and the results have been awesome. Sharing couple of brilliant anniversary emails:

Example 1: This email by Investment Fund Company strengthens the bond and makes customer appreciative of the fact that the company has been serving his investment needs since many years. It’€™s a great way to make them feel special and encourage them to continue doing business with the brand.

Subject line: Did you know its Anniversary today?

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Example 2: OLX uses its anniversary email to spur social interactions, asking subscribers to post on Facebook and share their experience with friends and family. The brand makes it fun by adding a video to show that celebrations are on and makes use of this opportunity to try a bit of upselling as well by asking the user to share the exciting news on his facebook page.

Subject line:’s our 1st Anniversary

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An email that engages your consumers_v2

Here’s the case study

Anniversary emails are a great way to create that wow factor. Best part is, all brands have this data already and these emails can be designed ahead of time and automatically triggered on the said date.