Published by netCORE Marketing Team on May 9, 2011

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It takes no rocket science to understand a very simple fact – The person sitting next to you knows more than you do even if he has arrived late. Social Media is THE TOOL and I bet you were not able to think about it. This is because status updates and tweets have become a part of the human life just like food shelter and clothes. In olden times people used to say – “Roti, Kapda aur Makaan” and today’s new generation says – Food, Clothing, Shelter and Facebook (or you might want to say Twitter).

If you fail to understand the odd behavior of people around you, get the mobile websites of facebook or twitter and just go through their profiles and you will understand all of it. No mystery or puzzle will be left unsolved. The main reason why facebook succeeded wasn’t because people wanted to join in and share their status or info, it was because people are more interested more into others life than their own and this is the sole reason why people spend hours and hours hopping on to same walls and pics that they have seen previously because all of them know that somewhere in those same pages lies a new secret that they might not have known.

Coming to the new days of social world are “TWEETS” and people rarely tweet about their own agenda or incident. We all know why this happens and still knowingly, we still log on and re-tweet them just to make followers. Generating more and more followers has become a Red Badge of Honor, do keep in mind that the content goes irrelevant if the followers are in good numbers. People won’t get upset if the electricity fails and the AC is not working, what pisses the users off is the failure to access their profiles. The world of information resided in Google and now it is on social media.

Now lets think of a different side of this entire social world. We now know that people log in and stay on those pages for a long time. Citing an eg for the same is facebook has over 25 million users in INDIA and average time spent by each Indian is 6 minutes or more than 360 seconds and for a businessman 10 seconds of those is more than enough to generate revenue. However with an interest in Digital Marketing, I would look into the aspect of traffic diversion on these sites. The companies do not have to move people out of these websites, they just have to get into these websites and make users to browse through pages and do business making people still believe that all whatever is happening is FUN. Users browsing on the facebook or twitter would not be wanting to move away from the URL – so don’t even try it.

Come back with a Twist – companies should make their page on these websites since they have no cost attached and you can manage it like a users manage their own page. You will have a vast space to market yourself, build your brand and advertise your products and sales will take care of its own. If people are made to believe that they can find something better on those pages, it would be easy to take them away to your own company page and make them purchase your product or service. The key is to make users see what they want to and a wall of facebook or a catchy tweet would make it easy because there is something for the user in it.

The clock has already started ticking and the business has started making money out of it. Social Media has now become an ethnic part of the business agenda and companies have understood that give people what they like at the place where they want to stay and that will make the connection of their brand with user’s memory. People will login to surely check whats going in the neighborhood but they won’t forget to glance to your company page and thats where marketers have to bang on and drive the user towards their website and the users may not buy at once, but you make the user browse and it ain’t gonna be window shopping for long. Business is bound to come by to you, you just have to be ready to take it.

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