Published by netCORE Marketing Team on April 11, 2011

Dependence of Engagement on Relevance of the Email

How can you get more email subscribers to open and act on our messages? This is one question every email marketer, whether veteran or newcomer, successful or struggling, big-list or small-list owner, is seeking to answer. More than ever, relevance – the right message at the right time from someone the subscriber expects to see in the inbox – will help our messages cut through the clutter and get noticed, opened and acted on.


Similarly Engagement is the new buzz in the market and we all know how engagement is a crucial aspect for improving the Inbox delivery.

Both these aspects, Engagement and Relevance are co-related and play a crucial role in improving the ROI for your email campaigns.

People’s mailboxes are on the verge of bursting and the amount of advertisements is increasing by the minute, thus highlighting the importance of relevance. It is meaningless for a Job portal to send an email to a 65 year old guy or even for MacDonalds to sell pork in Arab countries, since the acceptance level of these groups for the products is negligible.

Now a day’s consumers are bombarded with an infinite number of advertisements and promotional messages. So, if something does not seem relevant to them, they immediately “DELETE” it or mark it as “SPAM”

Both the above activities by the reader hurts sender reputation and this is a major factor, depending on which ISP’s decide whether to deliver the mail to inbox or spam or to completely block it.

Thus, only if we as marketers can successfully get past this puddle of relevant email content would we reach the next stage of improving our Email campaigns that is the Engagement level of the reader.

This consumer behavior spells out a new success mantra for all online marketers:

Keep relevance in your mind when devising your marketing campaign and automatically it would leverage the engagement and inbox delivery aspect associated with the campaign.

Ways to make your Emailer relevant:

  • We need to segment your customer database based on existing records, prior email interactions and preference center data.
  • The email must be tailored to fit all available data you have for that person. This includes buying habits, sex, age, geographic location, and any additional information you may have captured from a preference center on your website.
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