Published by Rishabh Kishore on May 25, 2020

#4: Creating A Forever Growth Model With VRM: Best, Rest, And Next

Once we have calculated each customer’s lifetime value and determined the Best Customer group, the next course of action is to follow the customer-centricity practice and give these customers the Velvet Rope treatment. Through the Velvet Rope program, we look to give the Best Customer Ease, Access, and Exclusivity. By focusing on giving our Best Customers the Velvet Rope treatment of Ease, Access, and Exclusivity, VRM improves the retention and engagement of your brand.

What you can do for Engagement and Retention of Best Customers:

  1. 1. Frequent/Best customers are offered a discounted upgrade for their next two ticket purchases
  2. 2. Brands give Best Customers opportunity to book an order for limited edition apparel
  3. 3. Best customers get a special page designed based on their preferences – combination of things they like, new season/ launches, offers, etc.
  4. 4. Best customer regularly receives newsletters from business with updates with an option for BC to “like or dislike” to set the Best Customers’ preferences and to boost recommendations (works for personalization and updates).
  5. 5. Best Customer group is invited to attend events and gives them a first-look at various products. The customers feel valued and subsequently they might recommend them to their family and friends.
    The focus of the Velvet Rope Marketing is to engage your Best Customers but it does not end there. The VRM model looks to change your practices and make them as efficient as possible by improving your acquisition, retention, and nudge the remaining 80% towards behavior that mimics that of the Best Customers.

What do we do with the Rest and the Next?

Lookalike Spending: Our data analysis will create a Best Customer profile and VRM will look to nudge the remaining 80% of your customer base, which is the Rest, towards spending habits that mimic that of the Best Customer.  

Refine Marketing practices and Efficient Acquisition: CLV will optimize your marketing practices/spends by showcasing which particular group to target and how to target them to acquire NEXT Best Customers. This helps in cutting costs by avoiding casting a wide marketing net on the entire customer base and ensuring that resources are used efficiently in effort to retain customers, develop existing ones, or acquire new ones. Firstly, by comparing the cost of acquisition with the value of acquisition, the company can determine how much it is willing/can spend acquiring a customer before the cost exceeds the customer’s lifetime value. Secondly, the company can acquire look-alike Best Customers so that it can start achieving a higher level of profits from the moment the customer makes their first purchase.

Quality Retention: VRM’s goal is to target the Best Customer group and double your profits which has a snowball effect on the businesses’ profitability. A 5% increase in retention of your customer leads to a 75% percent increase in profitability therefore catering to your Best Customer group not only doubles your profits, but retaining them leads to a further boost.

VRM’s powerful data analysis capabilities coupled with its expert CSM team is here to double your profits. By leveraging your data, targeting your best customers specifically, and nudging the rest towards similar behavior, we are here not to only increase your revenue but also decrease your CAC. Join this revolution and partner with Netcore’s VRM to garner accentuated profits and improved customer relations!

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