Published by netCORE Marketing Team on February 14, 2013

Common mistakes CIOs/CXOs make with Email Marketing

‘Mistakes’ is too harsh a word to be used in this context. Many a times certain decisions are made in time-crunching situations. Also, sometimes decisions are made not being entirely aware of their reasons, implications and consequences.

Given our decade and half’s experience of the email marketing landscape, we have observed the following areas being overlooked in most cases:

1. Using purchased/referred databases
By databases we mean list of email ids used for email marketing. Growing the business Year-on-Year is every key stakeholder’s motto. And hence many go for the ‘Spray and Pray’ approach with being aware of the consequences. While this approach may reap short-term benefits, this will hamper business in the long run. It very important to understand that people would only continue patronizing your brand and the emails being received if they have given you prior consent to be in touch with them. Also, what works for someone else might not necessarily work for you. The same principle applies to ‘referred databases’.

2. Choose the right ESP
While budgets are crucial when planning for one’s marketing activities for the year ahead, it is even more crucial to ensure that one is spending on the right resource. Choose an ESP who has the proper infrastructure, manpower and experience in the Email Marketing domain. This will ensure that you are getting your money’s worth as opposed to opting for the minimum price bidder.

3. Not abiding to recommended best practices.
We have come across several cases where certain recommended best practices have been rubbished on the basis of ‘Company Policy’. Today, when everybody chants the ‘Think outside the box’ mantra when it comes to organizational growth, why are they still in orthodox shackles? It’s time that today’s organizations realize it is high time to change certain pre-historic policies. They need to change the way things were being done to be able to ride the Digital Marketing wave. Look at recommendations as essentials for speedy business growth and sustenance. Speed-up internal approval processes.

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