ICICI Bank launches Missed Call service in tie up with Netcore

The service has hit the ground running, starting Sept 11, with responses scaling up each day. The service is being been promoted on ICICI Bank offi...

Netcore Solutions
September 14, 2012
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Symbols in email subject lines – a good idea?

Most definitely, YES! Though it isn’t a very novel concept, but it continues to remain a very popular tactic for grabbing attention in clustered ...

netCORE Marketing Team
September 4, 2012
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Key trends in digital communication

1. Digital First We’re already seeing this shift happening. Companies are now giving digital marketing channels precedence over traditional m...

Netcore Solutions
August 29, 2012
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Responage.com- Netcore’s answer to the bulk SMS ban

Firing on all cylinders to help clients tackle the recent ban, Netcore has launched an innovative platform Responage.com, which helps enterprises t...

Netcore Solutions
August 23, 2012
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Mobile Marketing: What makes it effective, valuable and result-oriented?

Mobile handset is mostly, if not always, within an arm’s reach of the owner. The omnipresence nature of the device has made it most valuable ...

Netcore Solutions
August 13, 2012
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Too much of anything is NOT good

Too much of anything is NOT good – especially when it doesn’t do much for you!! Those of you who’ve been active subscribers to newsletters an...

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Mobile Marketing: Will smart phones change the game?

India has one of the highest mobile penetrations in the world. A report by McKinsey & Company suggests that India could become the first mobile...

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Milestone Moment: netCORE’s email marketing product crosses 150-cr volume in June 2012

Emergic MassMail crossed a massive 150 crore email volume in June 2012. There has been a 50% jump in the volume within a short span of 4 months! Fe...

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Mobile Marketing Ideas: Mobile Marketing Opportunities and Possibilities

We carry mobile phones with us at all times. We do business, stay in touch with friends and even use mobiles for entertainment. The basic nature of...

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Digital Marketing Options Proliferating

Even as the Indian Internet advertising market touches Rs 1,000 crore (about 4% of the overall ad-spend in India), the options for digital advertis...

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