Email Marketing – How did it all start and how did it evolve? (Infographic)

Email changed the world of marketing. For most of us marketers, it’s hard to imagine life without email. As we rejoice and celebrate email market...

Sita Kalluri
June 30, 2015
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3 reasons why small businesses should outsource and not do in-house email marketing

Email Marketing is the quickest, most effective and affordable tool for businesses to reach out to large audience, generate leads and increase sale...

Tanishq Juneja
June 26, 2015
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Think email is Dull? Visit our Email Innovation Centre.

In this age where everyone has email and anyone can send email, what you need are some really innovative ideas to distinguish your brand from other...

Sita Kalluri
June 6, 2015
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Moving towards marketing automation sees Email ROI increase by 53%

It’€™s 37 years since the first email marketing message was sent and this oldest digital medium only seems to be growing stronger by the day;...

Sita Kalluri
May 19, 2015
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3 Golden rules to master multi-channel marketing

All roads lead to Rome. That more or less sums what marketing is all about today. Just as the Romans built an amazing network of roads thousands of...

Sita Kalluri
May 12, 2015
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What to do when real-time marketing mistakes happen

Everyone (even marketers) makes mistakes Real time marketing done wrong can be a big embarrassment. It’s not new for brands, big and small al...

Sita Kalluri
April 30, 2015
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Attracting new customers is only part of the game; the bigger part is to make them keep coming back over and over again. As marketers we have used ...

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Stop losing your subscribers: Smart ways to reduce Opt-outs

You spend your waking hours crafting good emails to gently pull subscribers deeper into your sales funnel and then the unthinkable happens. Your su...

Sita Kalluri
April 13, 2015
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How to skyrocket your conversion rates of cart abandonment emails

In our earlier blog on cart abandonment, we shared our insights why people abandon carts and how email marketing can help brands to get them back....

Atul Shinde
March 16, 2015
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How to make the best use of your 20 seconds with the email subscriber?

It’s every marketer’s endeavor to constantly engage customer and get top-of-the-mind brand awareness. Live content in email lets you do that ex...

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