Published by netCORE Marketing Team on August 22, 2011

Can Spam be stopped?

This is a debatable topic. The answer to this question is definitely “NO”. But yes as an Email Marketer steps can be taken to reduce Spam.

If you get an email from someone you don’t know, is that spam? Not necessarily. So what’s spam? Spam is when you send an unsolicited email to a whole list of people. Let’s say you just bought a list of email addresses from some local business organization. These are great prospects for your business, right? You want to send them an email with a relevant offer they can’t refuse. It’s spam if you upload that list and send that list an unsolicited email because these users have not registered with you to recevie emails.

Email should be sent to only those users who have opted to receive mails from you. For this either you should have a widget/registration page in website, where a user can provide details. But a confirmation mail shoudl be sent to these users to authenticate the email id. Alternately there are many other methods of collecting authenticated email id like workshop, seminars, socail networks and other, but that’s a totally different topic. So not getting much into data collection details, here the point to focus is why are mails being treated as Spam.

Some of the reasons why mails are treated as Spam:

  • Domain is blacklisted.
  • IP is blacklisted.
  • Sometime its the problem with email content, sender id.

These are the baisc stuff which every email marketer is aware of. But what steps can be taken to avoid a mail being treated as Spam:

  • Always use opt-in/double opt-in database.
  • Keep the content relative to the user.
  • Always give an option to opt-out from email.
  • Don’t send heavy emails, try hosting some content in it.
  • Check the domain and IP reputation.

Spam is the reason why the mailbox is flooded with emails. Although there are Anti-Spam bodies in many countries, but in India there is no such regulatory body.

Although Spamming can’t be stopped but it can be reduced!!

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