Published by Avadhoot Revankar on May 25, 2017

Secret Revealed on Browser Notifications for Banking and Financial Industry (Cross Channel Identification)

Recently, a lot of brands from banking and financial industry have been leveraging Browser Notifications as a customer engagement channel, and it’s good to see it happening.
But, the real question is – How do you effectively use Browser Notifications?

If the idea is to overload the right side of your visitor’s browser with multiple notifications, then let me warn you – after four months of using browser notifications, your half-yearly review will conclude with nothing but one upsetting statement – “Experimented Browser Notification as a Channel, and it just didn’t work for us!”.

So what do you do? The obvious answer would be to make your browser notifications most relevant based on your visitor’s browsing patterns. But, have you thought of a vital step before you make your notifications relevant? Start with looking for answers to these questions:

Which of the Browser Token IDs are your Existing customers?
Which of these Browser Token IDs are your prospects?

It’s difficult for financial and banking brands to identify the above two, because usually, you don’t have a compulsion of login for the visitors browsing your website.
So, to enable this identification, you must first have a single platform through which you can communicate with your identified customers via channels like Email, SMS and Voice, and also engage with your anonymous visitors via channels like Browser Notifications, Mobile Push Notifications and Web as a channel.

Let me simplify the process with an example:

Let’s assume, “Investnow” is a brand from Securities industry and sends an email informing the customers about a recent IPO launched in the market. Customers click on the email and come to Investnow’s website.
Now, using the Email attribution feature, the brand can identify that one of these visitors who came on the website is “”.

Since the platform used for sending Browser Notification is the same platform used for sending the email and to track the website activities, Investnow would be able to track if the visitor ( has opted for Browser Notifications in the past or if he does it in the future, and map this data with the visitor’s id ( With this, Investnow can now engage with him with the most meaningful and convincing communication here on.

Browser Notifications for Banking and Financial Industry

Adopting a common, unified marketing automation platform allows you to perform Cross-Channel Identification and also enhances your targeting on a channel like Browser Notifications. The targeting can further be performed based on the demographic and several other behavioural data present in our CRM for the identified customer, making your browser notifications relevant and appealing.

So, go ahead and talk to all your visitors using browser notifications and other channels through a Full-Stack, Omni-Channel Marketing Automation platform.
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Avadhoot Revankar

Avadhoot is Chief Growth Hacker & Product Evangelist at Netcore Solutions Pvt. Ltd.