Published by Ritu Poddar on May 18, 2017

Boost your Ecommerce Business with Browser Push Notifications!

Usually on my way back home, I often browse ecommerce websites checking out new arrivals, fashion trends, latest book releases, and so on. One day, I liked a book and was about to buy it when I got a phone call. I got so engrossed over the call that I completely forgot about the book after that.

The next day in office, I was just browsing on the internet, and boom! A notification popped up saying “Bestsellers on best discounts! Grab your copy now!”

I immediately clicked the button and bought the book I was checking out the previous evening.

Had I not received this notification, I would certainly not have made the purchase as I had already forgotten about it.

Many of our clients say that almost 98 percent of visitors leave an ecommerce website without buying anything. This represents a great chance for retailers to capture its audience — which means, marketers must rethink their engagement tactics. And the one channel that is ruling the roost now is

These notifications are sent directly from a website to a subscriber’s browser on both desktop and mobile, and are comparable with email in terms of reach and engagement.

Browser Push Notifications are the perfect tool for re-engaging ecommerce website drop-offs.

Don’t believe?

You definitely would, by the time we reach to the end of this blog.

Browser Push Notifications can be delivered even when the visitors are away from your website and are browsing elsewhere. In lesser words – Offsite engagement. Whether they are logged in or not, does not matter. Browser notifications can drive traffic to your website, and can engage and re-engage your customers. You can also personalise the notifications for them. Last but not the least, these are super easy to use and implement.

Now that you are convinced of the impact they can create, here are some ways you can use Browser Push Notifications for your benefit –

  • Announce new products – You definitely feel excited about sharing new products that you launch. Buyers also love to know when products in their wish list are available for purchase.   
  • Notify about price changes – Ecommerce business is definitely offers and discounts-driven. The customers have multiple options to choose from. And the faster you tell them about the change in prices, the higher the chances to increase Instant Knockout your sales. Other channels may take time, browser push notifications attract the much-needed attention then and there. An inviting call-to-action with really engaging content can lure the customer back to the cart.
  • Encourage signups from anonymous visitors – Getting anonymous visitors to sign up, is very important, given the high number of anonymous visitors. Creative and meaningful browser push notifications are a great way to get give that nudge to visitors to log in.
  • Deliver personalised offers and promotions based on on-site behaviour – Based on the kind of products a visitor browses, you can deliver personalised notifications. For example, if a user has spent a few minutes on a particular product page, send him an instant push notification saying that a 10% discount is available on the product if he buys it in the next 15 minutes.
  • Retarget the dormant customers – To warm up the relation with your old customers, send re-engaging content that re-captures their interest, and brings them back to you.

Many reports say, in ecommerce websites, average opt-in rate for the browser push notifications lies in the range of 45-50%. That’s big!

Tip: Don’t do an overkill. Do not irritate your customers with too many notifications. Small is beautiful, indeed.

Adopt these strategies and enjoy definite results like:

  1. 1. Increased traffic and improved customer engagement
  2. 2. Better click through rate on the promotional offers or discounts
  3. 3. Boost in sales, cross selling, and upselling

And a lot more…

offers Browser Push Notifications, supported with rich reports and analytics. If you aren’t using it yet, go ahead and start.


Ritu Poddar

Ritu is a Technical Writer & Content Developer by profession, and a Poet & Creative Writer by passion. She works as Assistant Manager, Content Development at Netcore.