Published by Forum Sheth on June 5, 2017

From Smart Analytics to Smart Basket, MarTech at BigBasket

In the expert view series, today we have a podcast for you, featuring Meera Iyer, Head of Marketing at BigBasket – an online grocery shopping and super market in India.

In a discussion with a lead analyst, Meera minutely elaborates how BigBasket is more of a retail company that happens to be online, than an e-commerce website. She explains how product and technology play a vital role in the customer journey for an online company like BigBasket.

Meera shares how her organization leverages ATL for creating awareness and generating demand, and ultimately relies on the digital marketing team for the final leg i.e. conversions through online orders.

She explains how analytics has made the digital platform so granular and detailed, allowing marketers to map a consumer’s online behaviour and come up with innovative offerings like the “Smart Basket” that makes online shopping a quicker and smoother experience.

She clearly defines how the term “marketing technology” is not just limited to digital marketing, but has a much wider scope of activities under it. Meera also reveals how the marketing technology stack of BigBasket is structured currently, what activities are conducted in-house and which marketing automation solution (MAS) they’re using off-the-shelf.

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