Published by netCORE Marketing Team on November 20, 2014

Attention eCommerce Marketers! Move beyond Batch & Blast Email Marketing

Commerce is rapidly growing in India with several players using email marketing to win consumers’ heart. So, as an eCommerce marketer, what should you do to make your way to the top of the heap? It’s high time that you move beyond the obvious batch & blast email marketing and start conversing with your customers. This is my key takeaway from the webinar ‘How can Triggered Emails double ROI for eCommerce?’ conducted by Mr. Avadhoot Revankar – Head Consultant, Email Marketing @ netCORE on 13th November.

The webinar started with a glimpse of what and why of triggered emails explaining how triggered email campaigns generate 4x more revenue and 18x greater profits for any eCommerce brand. Different types of triggered emails essential for eCommerce were also explicitly explained.

Just as I mentioned in my previous blog that any technology is only as good as the marketer’s strategy, the same is true for triggered emails. They are celebrated for delivering critical information based emails, however, with a dash of innovation you can leverage them for increasing sales and enhancing ROI as well.

Avadhoot presented great examples of some innovative triggers that you can use for starting a meaningful conversation with the customers as well as prospects. The most important and innovative triggers that I feel can set you class apart are:

  • Welcome triggers for newly registered customers for the perfect first impression
  • Greeting triggers for celebrating customer’s anniversaries with the brand
  • Emails for back in stock intimation and recommendation for cart abandonment
  • Reminder about re-order of product that needs replenishment Picture1

Why are some brands able to attract more consumers through email marketing while others only dream about it? Because they follow the best practices of triggered emails.

So to make your mark on the email receiver, you must:

  • Plan a series of triggered emails for all possible scenarios
  • Prioritize and ensure sufficient time-interval in-between campaigns
  • Personalize the campaign experience for the receiver
  • Make sure your trigger adds value to your customer
  • Choose your triggers carefully

Action speaks louder than words, so a case study showcasing how eCommerce is using triggered email campaigns for generating twice the revenue was also presented.

If you missed this webinar, sad, but not too late to view the webinar video on demand!

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