Published by Forum Sheth on April 28, 2017

5 Secrets of a Great Indian Workplace – Discover now!

Have you ever walked into an office – your own, a friend’s, or somewhere you were just visiting – and immediately felt like that was exactly where you wanted to be? People are working, conversing about their business, and they’re happy… at their day jobs.

That is a perfect example of excellent company culture!

For such amazing work culture, The Workplace Culture Summit 2017 recently recognised Netcore as one of the Great Indian Workplaces 2017.

With this amazing achievement, we would like to reveal some of the major areas we constantly focus on, to make Netcore the best place to work in the country.

  1. 1. We lead with our mission

Every company needs a purpose that not only drives its customer brand, but its employment brand as well.

So, we continuously keep sharing what our company believes in and let it be the thing that gets our employees pumped up for work every day. We have a shared, deliberate goal driving our business and work every day. 

  1. 2. We hire the best minds – the A+ people

Guy Kawasaki says, hiring “A+ People” means acquiring top talent by hiring individuals for not only their expertise, but their aptitude.

Undoubtedly, brilliant, hard-working people are highly sought after – our employees possess the skill, drive, and personality to strive for growth and excellence in their jobs.

  1. 3. We invest in our employees

In a time when 91% of millennials expect to be at a job for not more than 3 years, focusing on retaining top talent is as important as finding it. Switching job mostly happens because employees are interested in progressing their career and growing professionally. So providing ample opportunity for them to do so at our company is key for retaining and improving employee experience.

We actively pay attention and recognize those who are doing excellent work and embodying our mission – with quarterly and yearly awards, cross-team appreciation, and management feedback and so on!

  1. 4. We encourage work/life balance

In a fast-paced, high-growth organization, it’s easy to feel the pressure as the plate fills up with projects after projects.

We expect our employees to deliver their best. But we equally encourage focusing on their personal life — friends, family, health. Here’s where those happy bits come in. We provide amenities that make the workday a little easier or more productive and helps keep people happy – free children’s play dates, women’s movie dates, visiting hair stylists, medical and financial services, gaming zones… the list goes on and on.

Not just that, a dedicated group also takes care of the health of the organization – they speak to the people and try to determine the pain points, solve problems, and happiness follows.

  1. 5. We embrace visibility, transparency, and accountability

Transparency makes all the difference when it comes to how employees feel about when they work with us. No one likes the feeling of information being withheld from them.

So, at Netcore, transparency occurs from the top down, and permeates throughout all the nooks and crannies of the company. Everyone in the company is kept in the loop when it comes to how the business is running – all good and bad news shared!

These are just a handful of our focus areas. We endlessly thrive to make our company a wonderful place to work and we go by Helen Keller’s words, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”!

Forum Sheth

Forum is a Content Writer at Netcore. She traverses her writing journey with a sole motto "Learn to Write, Write to Learn".