Published by Zalak Bhavsar on March 21, 2018

4 Marketing Use Cases for AI

  1. Hyper-personalise Your Campaigns with Smart Segmentation
    Mass marketing is ancient history. Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables marketers to create smart segments based on in-depth analysis of hundreds of data points about your consumers. Using AI-driven segmentation you can create hyper-personalised, and impactful campaigns, and offers for consumers.

    AI-enabled campaigns drive higher CTR, engagement, and conversion rates. Further, ML algorithms can provide intelligence on your most valuable segments. So, you can focus more on the top performing segments and thus, boost your ROI.

  1. Run Better Campaigns By Getting Your Channel Mix Right
    In this age of ‘consumer parallelism’, a consumer who has searched for your product on Google might not be actively looking for the same while scrolling through their Facebook feed. Getting the channel mix right is one of the biggest concerns of marketers today. Figuring channel ROI tends to be an intensive data-analysis exercise due to data residing in separate silos.

    When powered with AI, you can analyse your historical data from previous campaigns, to help you decide which channel mix will work best for you. AI also uses the results of your live campaign’s performance to optimise and fine-tune performance in real time, and use the learning for future campaigns.

  1. Send Time and Subject Line Optimisation
    AI helps marketers optimise subject lines by using Natural Language Processing (NLP), which is a subset of Machine Learning. NLP can be used to conduct sentiment analysis to analyse consumer behaviour and expressions, even in their most conversational and casual form, and then use that to make intelligent decisions.

    AI-powered machine learning algorithms can also help you decide the ‘Best time to send messages’ by analysing recipients’ past behaviour. For example, it is possible to program the delivery channels in such a way that person A, who usually checks his/her inbox during early hours of the day, will receive a particular message in the morning, while the same message will be sent to person B in the evening, based on his/her preferences.

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  1. Fraud Detection
    Juniper Research’ estimates that advertisers will lose approximately USD19 billion to fraudulent activities in 2018. AI can be your anti-fraud partner that can save you time and money.

    AI can help detect malicious bots in real time by monitoring location, conversion rate, IP addresses, etc. and mitigate fraudulent clicks on ads 24×7. ML software can then be used to detect and attack malicious bot traffic and effectively put a stop to ad fraud. The Banking and Financial Services Industry (BFSI) sector stands to gain the most here as it constantly seeks more and more robust security measures.

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