Published by Jateen Suvarna on February 3, 2015

3 things to make your emails click friendly

What is going wrong with a campaign that has good open rates but low click through rates? While 2014 saw the highest open rates, the average click through rates have declined (Email Trends & Benchmark report, 2014). Your email campaign turns profitable only when you receive the clicks and so you have to plan little more than get your emails delivered and opened.

How to convert those opens to clicks? Here are some points to consider:

1. Is the Call-to-action well designed?

An important step towards building a conversion centred email is to pay attention to the call-to-action (CTA). There are two elements you need to consider when planning a CTA design and copy. The design gives visual appeal and attracts your reader’€™s attention whereas the copy (what you write on the call-to-action) prompts him to take action (click). Certain colour combinations work really well with the user base hence, here it’€™s important do a split A/B test on different coloured CTAs. Our previous post on Call-to-action gives you more insights on how to plan a good CTA.

Just by changing the copy of the CTA – using €œMy€ instead of “An” and increasing the font size, we saw an increase in conversion of 6%.


And in this case a change in the colour of the CTA increased the click rates by 18%


2. Is the subject line in sync with the email content?

While the intent of your subject line is to make sure your customer opens the email, ensure that it echoes the email intent. A good subject line is not one that just gets you the opens but the one that sets the right expectation at the beginning itself and leads the customer to take action in email.

Take the example of this creative where the subject line doesn’t correlate with email content, which resulted in poor click rate of 3.6%

Subject line: FCUK up to 60% off, Winter Wear up to 60% off, Jeans up to 40% off and Backpacks up to 30% off


Aligning the subject line with email content and setting the right expectation led to 33% increase in click rate (4.92%)

Subject line: Get Rs.1000 off on Rs.2499, Sarees up to 40% off, Sports Shoes up to 50% off, Jeans up to 50% off and Sweaters up to 60% off.


3. Does the email have psychological trigger to convert opens to clicks?

Tap on the human psyche and increase interest levels by adding an element of urgency in your email. Time bound offers make the customer sit up and take notice. Make the buyer feel the need to act on the email quickly.

For example, this below email with subject line €œGo! FLAT 50% OFF, 8-10 PM. Shop Now.” helped the brand almost double its average click rate of 3.46% to 6.81%.


When planning your next campaign, consider these 3 points and make it more click friendly. Hope you found the blog useful.

Happy clicking to your customers!

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