Published by Netcore Solutions on December 8, 2016

3 Reasons Transactional Emails are important for your business

Transactional emails are automated mails that get triggered by certain transactions. So, be it confirmation mails sent immediately after shopping, password changes, bill payment or those simple ‘we miss you’ mails – these emails respond to some action or ‘inaction’ by the customer. Traditionally used only to send information, the inherent power of these emails is yet to be tapped by most organisations. These mails can be leveraged to up-sell, cross-sell or just offer personalized information to forge a deeper relationship with the customer. Considering the high open and click-through rate of these mails, their impact can be maximized through better targeted content.

Let’s look at how transactional emails can actively influence a business:

1. Build trust: Triggered mails are timely, relevant and respond to a customer’s action. By sending these mails, you are letting your customers know that you are alert and attentive. Customers are more likely to be loyal and advocate brands that care about them.

2. Help you get customer insights: The data collected through these emails can be dissected to gain richer customer insights. This in turn gives you an edge in all your marketing campaigns – the opportunity to drive positive brand awareness through a greater degree of customized content.

3. Engage the customer at a lower cost: Transactional emails can be the perfect medium to announce special incentives and personalized offers, collect customer feedback or get referral customers – a cost-effective way of client-engagement on a one-on-one basis. Moreover, the metrics of transactional emails, their triggers, delivery times, open rates, click rates, bounce rates etc. can be further analysed for improving internal processes as well as customer engagement channels. This would save on valuable manpower, time and money that would have been directed towards this otherwise.

A trusted SMTP server that can help you gather all these metrics, real-time, will free up your resources for business-critical tasks. In fact, it has become imperative to have a clean and distinct infrastructure that can not only deliver your emails quickly, but also track them and help you in your analytics.

Netcore’s Transactional Email Delivery Platform – Falconide goes well beyond a standard SMTP relay. With built-in features like real time email tracking with bounce management, a high inbox delivery rate, in-depth reporting and analysis, Falconide is being used by some of the top names in the country today. Click Here for more details.