Published by Tanishq Juneja on June 26, 2015

3 reasons why small businesses should outsource and not do in-house email marketing

Email Marketing is the quickest, most effective and affordable tool for businesses to reach out to large audience, generate leads and increase sales. It’s a boon for the Indian SME market, which is the second largest in the world.

But the big question is whether to do it in-house or outsource? Here I list down 3 reasons why it makes better business sense for SMEs to outsource email marketing.

1. Cost effective
Having email marketing in-house may be cost saving; but is it cost effective? This is the important question that SMEs must consider when planning their email marketing strategy. In our experience small businesses sooner or later consider outsourcing their email marketing because what appears affordable initially turns out to be a daunting, time (and money) consuming job. The outsourced company can effectively plan and manage your entire email marketing program right from strategising on building your email list, sending promotional campaigns/ newsletters, to detailed analytics and reporting to ensure it meets all your business objectives.

2. Saves your critical resources
Email marketing is a powerful tool but there are plenty of do’s and don’ts to perfect the art of sending emails that drive response and revenue. Businesses doing in-house email marketing face the crunch of qualified talent and/or time and end up running campaigns that go unnoticed, face deliverability issues and have problem of not rendering correctly across various devices. As a result this channel, which is the most effective marketing channel when utilized properly, fails to make an impact on the business.

Also, the ever changing rules of MSPs make it increasingly difficult for SMEs to stay current with email marketing. Hiring an expert who utilizes advanced technologies will not just free up your two most critical resources – Time and Money but also and improve your email marketing results

3. More time to focus on your business
You can’t manage everything and still plan to grow. As an SME, you are constantly learning and evolving to build trust and strengthen brand recognition. With the rising competition, SMEs find it tough to split their focus between managing their day-to-day business and also drive staggering return on investment from email marketing. Unless you have a dedicated IT team, an army of developers and robust infrastructure to handle all the intricacies of email marketing, doing email marketing in-house won’t make sense for SMEs. According to Forrester Research, sales generated from email marketing at companies that outsource are four times higher than those that handle their email marketing in-house.

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