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Do wonders with Push Notifications!

Imagine you visit a shop for the first time, and you are given the most special treatment by the salesperson and the shop owner. They talk to you in extremely polite and friendly manner a...

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8 Ways to Spoil your Marketing Efforts!

Marketing has the power to make or mar your business. If done well, it can boost business like nothing else can. And if done in a wrong way, it can cause irreparable damage to your brand....

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3 Sure-Shot Ways To Reach Your Marketing Goals!

Today’s customer is spoilt for choices. Hence, Survival of the Fittest theory is all the more applicable to the new age marketers. Maintaining a good relationship with your customers is a...

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Anonymous User Data – A Challenge for Every Modern Marketer

“What types of contact data do you get?” This is a question I usually ask when I meet the clients. And mostly their reply is “a variety of data!” Then what next? L...

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What is Data-Driven Marketing?

While I was travelling back to Mumbai from Kolkata, I was accompanied by a couple with their 1 year old.  And like some kids, this one was more affectionate towards mom than dad. And look...

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Transactional Emailing: In-house or Professionally Managed Services?

In addition to enhancing customer experience, the single biggest benefit of transactional emails is the platform they provide for cross-selling and up-selling. Juxtapose this with researc...

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What is late binding?

Imagine, you are single and happy and you suddenly discover the connection of your life while walking down an aisle of cereals. You would certainly wish to approach her, you would want to...

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How can Cross Channel Funnels change the way you look at Analytics!

A problem well stated is half solved. Funnel Analytics helps you identify the problem. Only if you know where your contacts drop out, you can figure out the why and the how to fix the lea...

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Are you nurturing your leads well?

Imagine, during a flight, you meet an awesome web designer. Both of you have a great conversation and exchange cards. But you have no communication after that meeting. Let’s say, after 4 ...

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How to Adopt and Use Different MarTech Tools in tandem?

The original article was published by Research NXT. Before our expert’s view series comes to a close of, here’s the last conversation featuring Prasad Pimple, AVP – Marketing at HDF...

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